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Collection of MHA BODY PILLOW

The Body Pillow cushion covers of My Hero Academia are here for your greatest pleasure. Fan of the manga or the anime? You will be happy to cuddle and sleep with your favorite waifu or husbando from the famous saga. What power would you like to have in a world where almost everyone has a Quirk? Will you become a hero or a villain? The choice is yours.

Why a body pillow from My Hero Academia 

An incredible number of characters in this anime make perfect dakimakura pillows to fall asleep with. If you want to treat yourself or are looking for a gift for a Japanese animation fan, then you are in the right place! Moreover,

My Hero Academia is undoubtedly one of the most influential Shonens of the last years. It is distinguished by its influences of classic Shonen while adopting some codes of American comics. Kohei Horikoshi's style is round and dynamic. We can find the influence of comics with his way of treating the shadows by black flat. He manages to condense the fights on very few plants, giving fluidity and readability to the action scenes.

Deku, the main protagonist, has had the goal since his childhood to become a hero. Despite this, he is one of the few to be born without any Quirk.
Deku's cushion at your side will remind you that nothing is impossible. You are not born a hero but become one.

If you prefer the explosive side of Todoroki, you will find his body pillow too. The relationship between Deku and Bakugo has evolved throughout the adventure. Despite their tumultuous past, their differences in personality and behavior. They are united on their ideal and goal to become a hero.

Which character to choose?

What is good in "My Heroes Academia" is that by the diversity of the characters, you will surely find the body pillow of your dream hero. Here are the cushions of the characters of the anime, which you will find on the site.

Body Pillow Deku

Body Pillow Todoroki

Body Pillow Bakugo